Accessing FGISonline

Step 1. Tell Us Who You Are

A U.S. Department of Agriculture e-authentication account will let you access many USDA applications, including FGISonline. Go to USDA’s E-Authentication page to create a Level 2 account to let you use FGISonline, or a Level 1 account to just look at the public information in the applications.

Detailed Instructions

  • Go to USDA’s E-Authentication page , click on the “Create an Account” link and register for an account. Most FGISonline applications require a Level 2 access to use them.
  • After responding to the email confirmation, visit a local USDA Service Center or meet with a certified FGIS representative to verify your identity and complete the process. Or arrange for a FGIS certifier to meet with you or to attend a trade event or conference by contacting FGISonline at

Step 2. Get A Customer Number From FGIS

Go to our Customer Information Management menu page and request a customer number. This number will allow you to access and use FGISonline. Those wishing to access their data from the Inspection Data Warehouse must ask their official service providers to include their customer number on their inspection and weighing records.

Individuals can access specific records in the Inspection Data Warehouse without a customer number or password, so long as they know the official certificate number, date of service, and identification of the carrier, lot, or sample.

Step 3. Get Authorized To Use FGISonline

With your USDA e-authentication and FGIS customer number in hand, the last step is to get authorized to use our online applications.

Detailed Instructions

  • Request access from FGIS to the applications you wish to use.
  • When you first log into an application, you will see an Access Request screen. Complete the on-line form, and FGIS will contact you by email within 24 hours to let you know you’re authorized to use FGISonline.

That’s it! Now, click on the “Login” link in the application you wish to use, enter your user ID and password on the USDA login screen, and begin using FGISonline.

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