National Farmers Market Week Branding Tips

Video Demo

For tips on downloading files, editing templates, and using graphics, check out our short video.


Should I use the JPG or PNG files?

Use JPGs if you’re placing the graphic on a white background with nothing behind it. Use PNGs if you want something to show behind the graphic, like a colored background or a photo.

What are the resolutions of the JPG and PNG files?

Both JPGs and PNGs are 300 ppi. PNGs work better for large print jobs, as they scale up with higher quality than JPGs.

What size are the poster templates?

The templates are 9”x12” and will scale up to a standard poster size of 18”x24.” To print 8.5”x11” flyers, choose ‘Fit’ or ‘Shrink oversized pages’ when printing.

How do I add text to the poster templates?

Open the PDF with Adobe Reader. Click on a text box, highlight the placeholder text and type your own. When you are done, save your document as a PDF for printing.

Can I change the text style, size or color on a template?

Yes. In Adobe Reader, click in the text box and hit Ctl+E (Windows) or Cmd+E (Mac), which brings up the Form Field Text Properties box. Highlight the text you want to change and use the properties box tools.  If you prefer to start your text from scratch, use the InDesign template, Illustrator file, or plain PDFs included in the Poster Pack. 

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