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Hemp Production Program Questions and Answers

Updated July 22, 2019

Why is the Department of Agriculture building a marketing program for the commercial production of hemp in the United States?

The 2018 Farm Bill (the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018) directed USDA to develop a program to review and approve plans submitted by each State, territory and Indian tribal agency outlining their production of hemp for commercial uses.

What is the purpose of the production plans?


  1. I have passed all tests. Why is the license not appearing on my FOL profile?

    If you believe that a license should be awarded and it does not appear on your license profile in the FOL program, the most likely cause is that all tests have not been either passed or waived. Usually it is one of the “Initial License Type Exams” which are missing.  These exams need to be either passed or waived under each License Type before a license for the specific License Type will be awarded.

Vietnam DDG Fumigation

  1. What goes in Box 23, “Concentration Level,” of the 921-2?

    Number of grams per cubic (cu) feet (ft).For example, 45g/cu.ft., or 36g/cu.ft. Do not record numbers like “canisters” or “pellets;” the concentration of grams/cubic feet is the critical number.
  2. Is 45g/cu. ft required if the fumigator can attain the 750 parts per million by volume (ppmv) at a lower dosage?

FGIS Certification

  1. In what instances should the special grade (High Moisture, Ergoty, Infested, Thin, etc) be on the grade and kind/commodity line of the certificate? What if it was a factor only sample and no numerical grade is given, would we just have the factor and result (moisture, ergot, thin, etc) for the special grade on the cert in the results section with nothing regarding the special grade on the kind/commodity line? Are the rules the same for USGSA vs AMA?