Visual Reference Images

Visual Reference Images (VRI) are used to ensure consistent and uniform application of grading interpretations. The visual grading aids system represents the foundation for the national inspection system’s subjective quality control program, providing an effective management tool for aligning inspectors and assisting them in making proper and consistent subjective grading decisions. This system consists of Interpretive Line Prints (ILP), General Appearance Prints (GAP), and Other VRI.

Fungal Disease and Mycotoxin Reference

This manuscript is a compilation of information that has been available for some time. We will try to present this information in a way that will be helpful to non-specialists in an easy to digest manner. The nature of this information tends towards the technical and sometimes keeps needed information out of the reach of those that could use it most. We will try to keep this in mind while presenting the needed information.

Grain Grading Primer

The effectiveness of the U.S. grain inspection system depends largely on an inspector’s ability to sample, inspect, grade, and certify the various grains for which standards have been established under the United States Grain Standards Act, as amended. This publication is designed primarily to provide information and instruction for producers, grain handlers, and students on how grain is graded. It is not designed for Official grain inspectors for they must necessarily use more detailed instruction than that provided herein.