Federal Grain Inspection Service

USDA Continues Suspension of Supervision Fee Assessment under the United States Grain Standards Act

The Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has determined that the suspension of the assessment of fees for supervision of official inspection and weighing services performed by delegated States and/or designated agencies under the United States Grain Standards Act (USGSA) will continue through December 31, 2020.

USDA Improves the Official Fall Number Testing Determination for Wheat

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), will implement a new barometric pressure correction and require the use of the Perten Shakematic for the determination of falling number (FN) for wheat grain to reduce overall variation of test results within the official inspection system effective May 1, 2019. The FN test is an internationally standardized method and the most widely accepted means for evaluating alpha-amylase activity.

USDA Seeks Nominees for the Grain Inspection Advisory Committee

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking nominees to serve on the Grain Inspection Advisory Committee.

Established in 1981, the Advisory Committee represents the interests of all segments of the U.S. grain industry from producer to exporter, providing advice on the programs and services USDA delivers under the U.S. Grain Standards Act (USGSA). Recommendations by the Advisory Committee help the department better meet the needs of its customers who operate in a dynamic and changing marketplace.


A representative sample is needed to ensure the inspection results reflect the quality and condition of the lot being inspected. A representative sample is a sample that is obtained by official personnel, maintained under the control of official personnel, and is obtained following procedures established in the directives and handbooks issued by the Federal Grain Inspection Service.

Quick Facts for Producers

Sampling Grain

Obtaining a representative sample by following the correct sampling procedures is the essential part of the inspection process and critical to the accuracy of the final inspection results. Sampling devices that a producer may encounter include: Hand Probe, Pelican, Mechanical Probe and Truck Tailgate Sampler.

Test Weight (TW)

Test Weight (TW) is the weight of the volume of grain that is required to fill a Winchester bushel. Since TW can increase as a moisture content decreases, measure it as quickly as possible after grain is sampled.