Frozen Succotash Grades and Standards

Frozen succotash means the frozen product prepared from fresh, clean, sound, succulent kernels of sweet corn and the immature seed of varieties of lima beans, vegetable soybeans, or fresh immature pods of green beans or wax beans. The ingredients are mixed and properly drained and then frozen in accordance with good commercial practice and maintained at temperatures necessary for the preservation of the product. When soybeans or green beans or wax beans are used, the product is designated as frozen soybean succotash or frozen green bean or wax bean succotash, as the case may be.

Canned Succotash Grades and Standards

Canned Succotash Grades & Standards

Canned succotash is composed of cream-style or whole-grain corn and lima beans or snap beans, with or without tomatoes; may be packed with the addition of water, with or without the addition of sugar or salt; and is sufficiently processed by heat to assure preservation of the product in hermetically sealed containers

Grades of Canned Succotash