Dehydrated Apricot Grades and Standards

Dehydrated low-moisture apricots, hereinafter referred to as low-moisture apricots are prepared from clean and sound fresh or previously dried apricots which are cut, chopped, or otherwise prepared into various sizes and shapes; are prepared to assure a clean, sound, wholesome product; are processed by dehydration whereby practically all of the moisture is removed to produce a very dry texture; and are packaged (including kind of container and proper closure) to assure retention of the low-moisture characteristics of the product.

Apricot Grades and Standards

Grades of Apricots

  1. U.S. No. 1. - "U.S. No. 1" shall consist of apricots of one variety which are mature but not soft, overripe, or shriveled and which are well formed, free from decay, cuts, skin breaks, worm holes and free from damage caused by limb rubs, russeting, growth cracks, dirt, scab, scale, hail, bruises, disease,insects or mechanical or other means.