Craig Morris speaking at SMA event

Deputy Administrator Craig Morris

Dr. Morris has spent his entire professional career as a part of the meat and poultry industry and currently serves as the AMS Livestock, Poultry and Seed Program Deputy Administrator.  In this role, Dr. Morris leads the Agency's regulatory programs related to the livestock, meat, poultry, egg, fish, grain and seed industries. 
The programs include retail country of origin and method of production labeling programs, quality grading services, testing services, domestic and export auditing and accreditation services, mandatory and voluntary market news reporting services, economic and statistical analysis services, research and promotion program oversight, grant programs, and food product specification development and acceptance services for Federal food and nutrition assistance programs including the National School Lunch Program.  Dr. Morris carries out these services with a combined workforce of approximately 1,000 Federal employees, an additional 1,000 State employees who operate under Federal oversight by cooperative agreements the Program has with all 50 States, and an annual operating budget in excess of $100 million.
Prior to this position, Dr. Morris served as the Deputy Administrator of the AMS Livestock and Seed Program and Deputy Administrator the AMS Poultry Programs.  Earlier work experience with the Agency included serving as an International Marketing Specialist.  Apart from government service, Dr. Morris served as the Assistant Vice President of Food Safety for Future Beef Operations, LLC, in Arkansas City, Kansas, and as the Manager of Scientific and Technical Affairs for the American Meat Institute in Washington, DC.
Dr. Morris was born in St. Louis County, Missouri, and spent part of his childhood growing up in suburban Dallas and Houston, Texas.  Dr. Morris received his Bachelor of Science degree with Distinction in Animal Science from Iowa State University and served as a Regent’s Graduate Fellow while earning his Doctorate in Animal Science from Texas A&M University.  Dr. Morris and his wife have two sons and reside in Fairfax Station, Virginia.