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LATD Laboratory Approval Program for Analysis of Beta Agonists  
The Laboratory Approval Program (LAP) for the Analysis of Beta Agonists provides laboratories the opportunity to participate in an AMS-approved confirmatory analysis program of beta agonist drug residues in beef, pork, or turkey.

Laboratories that participate in this program have customers (beef, pork, or turkey establishments) that require verification that the meat product is derived from animals that were never fed beta agonists and is free of beta agonist residues. AMS administers this LAP to confirm that beta agonist drug residues are not present in meat and meat products by permitting qualified laboratories to analyze product samples. Laboratories must meet performance-based program requirements to be approved to participate in LAP and they must submit their testing programs to AMS for verification and monitoring.

The approved laboratories listed on the Official Listing (link under See Also box) have been found in compliance with the requirements of the LAP for the Analysis of Beta Agonists.

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  Last Modified Date: 11/27/2013