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USDA Launches Country of Origin Labeling Listserv

AMS No.218-08

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Billy Cox (202) 720-8998

WASHINGTON, Nov. 4, 2008 -- The U.S. Department of Agricultureís Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has launched a Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) listserv. The listserv will notify subscribers of significant additions to the all inclusive, information-packed COOL Web site. Interested parties can sign up for this automatic notification service by following the link to registration information at

COOL regulations became effective Sept. 30 and require country of origin labeling for muscle cut and ground beef (including veal), pork, lamb, goat, chicken, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, peanuts, pecans, macadamia nuts and ginseng covered commodities sold by designated retailers. Country of origin labeling and method of production have been required for fish and shellfish covered commodities sold at retail since April 2005.

The COOL Web site offers detailed information for both industry and consumers. The Web site includes an assortment of resources, such as an extensive question and answer section, a Power Point presentation on the COOL Interim Final Rule and links to current and historical legislative information. Visitors also will find documents associated with the fish and shellfish rule, U.S. Customs and Border Protection rulings relative to COOL and more.

The new COOL listserv will provide the benefit of reaching out to subscribers with immediate updates and help retailers to more easily achieve compliance with COOL requirements in a cost-effective manner. To subscribe to the COOL listserv, go to

For more information about COOL, contact the Livestock and Seed Programís Standards, Analysis and Technology Branch Chief Martin OíConnor at (202) 720-4486.

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  Last Modified Date: 11/04/2008