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USDA Revises the U.S. Standards for Grades of Potatoes

AMS No. 047-08

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Billy Cox (202) 720-8998

WASHINGTON, March 20, 2008 -- The U.S. Department of Agriculture is revising the U.S. Standards for Grades of Potatoes. The revisions to the grade standards will result in standards that more accurately reflect current marketing practices for the commodity.

In addition, the revised standards also incorporate the recommendations of the Joint U.S./Canadian Harmonization Council that was established by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and Canada’s Minister of Agriculture to harmonize grade standards for the two countries.

The revisions include new size categories, en route/at destination tolerances, and specific definitions of damage and serious damage for external defects of potatoes.

AMS works with industry representatives and others to establish or revise U.S. standards for nearly 240 agricultural products. Industry uses the standards in the marketplace to specify the quality of commodities. Standards facilitate commerce by providing a common language for trade and a means of measuring value in the marketing of agricultural products.

The revised standards will be published in the March 21, 2008, Federal Register.

More information is available from Vincent J. Fusaro, Standardization Section Head, AMS Fruit & Vegetable Programs, Room 1661 – South, USDA Stop 0240, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Washington DC 20250. Copies of the notice and revised standards are available from the same address.

Once effective, copies of the standards can also be accessed from the following Web address:
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  Last Modified Date: 03/20/2008