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Secretary Vilsack Appoints National Pork Producers Delegate Body

AMS No. 057-12

Sam Jones-Ellard (202) 617-7212

WASHINGTON, Feb. 16, 2012--Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the appointment of 156 pork producers and five importers to the 2012 National Pork Producers Delegate Body. The appointees were selected from nominees submitted by state pork producer association and importer groups and will serve a one-year term.

Appointed members representing pork producers by state are:

Alabama: Jonathan A. Petree, Timothy D. Donaldson
Alaska: Richard C. Worrell, Patricia R. Worrell
Arizona: Lawrence W. Beck, Michael D. Terrill
Arkansas: James S. Seward, Kirk B. Vines
California: Steven P. Egbert, David M. Lopes
Colorado: David K. Amundson, Dwain A. Weinrich
Delaware: John B. Tigner, Jr., Henry C. Johnson IV
Georgia: Mark E. Clemmer, Dania A. DeVane
Hawaii: Wayne I. Shimokawa, Patsy M. Oshiro
Idaho: Jerry A. Summerall, Jr., Christy J. Adams
Illinois: David D. Dedert, Brent E. Scholl, Curtis D. Zehr, Phillip J. Borgic, Todd A. Dail,
Dereke A. Dunkirk
Indiana: Charles R. Curless, Samuel D. Moffitt, Mark R. York, Michael S. Lewis,
Emiley D. Gaskill, James L. Erickson
Iowa: Marla M. Conley, Jamie M. Schmidt, Brenda K. Schmitt, Stephen J. Burgmeier,
Bryan K. Karwal, David E. Moody, Lisa R. Peterson, Joel A. Huber, Jill K. Aldous,
Michael L. Deahr, Rodney G. Dykstra, Howard T. Hill, Craig J. Rowles, Chad R. Keppy,
Steven L. Kerns, Gregory R. Lear, Curtis D. Meier, Mark J. Meirick, Oliver E. Moody,
Roger W. Nath, Dale G. Reicks, Marvin J. Rietema, Max S. Schmidt, Leon C. Sheets,
David D. Struthers, Scott W. Tapper, Bill J. Tentinger, Eugene D. Ver Steeg, Heidi T. Vittetoe, John E. Vossberg
Kansas: Kent F. Condray, Alan J. Haverkamp, Peter Sherlock, Michael L. Springer
Kentucky: James R. Coates, Benjamin R. Hudnall
Louisiana: Louis J. Lirette, Rebecca L. Lirette
Maine: Barrett A. Parks, Clark L. Souther
Maryland: Jennifer A. Debnam, Thomas G. Hartsock
Massachusetts: Lisa D. Colby
Michigan: Brian Pridgeon, Fred H. Walcott, Andrew T. White
Minnesota: William L. Crawford, Patrick L. Fitzsimmons, Margaret E. Freking,
Curtis J. Johnson, Craig A. Mensink, Mary L. Peichel, Tim A. Steuber, Sheila A. Schmid,
Douglas A. Stade, Patrick E. Thome, Jacqueline S. Tlam, Timothy A. Waibel
Mississippi: Terry W. Emerson, Ronnie K. Fagan
Missouri: Marcus Belshe, James E. Fisher, Robert L. North, Scott W. Phillips
Montana: Jacob A. Waldner, John W. Rauser
Nebraska: Terry D. O’Neel, Jeffrey C. Kraft, Shane C. Meyer, Troy D. McCain,
Brett M. Wilke
Nevada: Becky A. Louk, David S. Louk
New Hampshire: Doreen R. Gitschier, Donna M. Abair
New York: Rebecca A. Hartman, Sandra L. Hartman
North Carolina: David D. Herring, Lloyd B. Outlaw III, Timothy H. Craig, Mark W. Daughtry, George H. Pettus, Miles T. See, Janet K. Archer, Kimberly S. Griffin, James L. Lamb,
Zack McCullen III, Bryan L. Barrow, Elam R. Summerlin, Jr.
North Dakota: Kenneth R. Omlie, Kent R. Neuman
Ohio: Jim L. Albaugh, David L. Grauer, Carl J. Link, Douglas E. Heacock
Oklahoma: Karen D. Brewer, Joe C. Popplewell, David P. McMullen, Roy D. Cansler
Oregon: Olavi H. Salo, Spencer H. Salo
Pennsylvania: Scott Augsburger, Mark Ebaugh, Jeremy A. Ranck
South Carolina: Larry B. DeHart, Mark A. McLeod
South Dakota: Ryan C. Storm, Lester A. Moeller, Steven R. Rommereim
Tennessee: Jamey C. Tosh, James G. Weaver
Texas: H. Melton Harms, David P. Kempen, Kenneth L. Kensing
Utah: Nathan K. Horton, Dwight D. Potter
Virginia: Brandon R. Horsley, William P. Wilkerson
Washington: Jamie R. Sackmann, Paul M. Klingeman
Wisconsin: Michael A. Beisbier, Mike E. Salter
Wyoming: Shawn M. Schmidl, Ana Schmidl

Importers appointed to the delegate body are: Ole Nielsen, Stig H. Kjaeroe, Albert F. Pish, David E. Biltchik, and Kok Yan (Michael) Chiu.

Established under the Pork Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information Act of 1985, the delegate body and the National Pork Board have implemented a national program designed to improve the pork industry’s position in the marketplace. USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service oversees operations of the delegate body. Representation on the delegate body is based on annual net assessments collected on sales of domestic hogs within individual states, with a minimum of two producers from each state. States have the option of not submitting nominees.

Delegates meet annually to recommend the rate of assessment, determine the percentage of assessments that state associations will receive and nominate producers and importers to the 15-member National Pork Board. The delegate body will be seated during the February 29- March 3, 2012, National Pork Industry Forum in Denver, Colorado.

The program is funded by an assessment currently set at 0.40 percent of the market value of all hogs sold in the United States. An equivalent amount on imported hogs, pork and pork products is also collected.


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  Last Modified Date: 02/16/2012