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Pistachio Program - Maintaining Program Status  
Participation in the Proficiency Check Sample Programs

Once a laboratory is admitted into the program, there are requirements that need to be met in order to maintain program status. This involves the participation in proficiency check sample programs, an annual announced or unannounced on-site laboratory review, the notification of the Program Manager of laboratory changes, and the payment of maintenance fees.

For the purpose of this program, a laboratory approval year will be the same as a calendar year, January 1 through December 31. During the approval year, an approved laboratory is required to participate in the USDA proficiency check sample program and at least one international proficiency check sample program.

(A) USDA Pistachio Aflatoxin Check Sample Program: One prepared sample of pistachios will be sent to each program laboratory monthly for a total of ten months and ten samples. There will be no samples the last two months of the year. The laboratory must analyze each sample and send the results to the Program Manager by the date indicated. A statistical analysis will be performed on the results and reported to the laboratory and the Administrative Committee for Pistachios (ACP). The laboratory must meet expected performance standards.



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  Last Modified Date: 04/11/2012