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Marketing Order 927: Oregon and Washington Pears  
Recent Rulemaking:

Pears Grown in Oregon and Washington; Committee Membership Reapportionment for Processed Pears. Docket Number: AMS-FV-12-0032; FV12-927-3 FR. EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2013. [Notice PDF]

Major Provisions:

  • Commodity Regulated: Pears of any and all varieties or subvarieties with the genus Pyrus produced in the States of Oregon and Washington
  • Crop Shipping Season: July through June
  • Fiscal Year: July 1 through June 30
  • Production Area(s): Oregon and Washington
  • Order Authority and Regulations: The marketing order authorizes grade, size, and quality regulations for fresh pears.
  • Research and Promotion: The order authorizes production and post-harvest research, marketing research, market development, and promotion activities, including paid advertising. These programs are currently active.
  • The order was promulgated in 1939 and was last amended under formal rulemaking on May 21, 2005.

Committee Structure: There are two committees under this marketing order. Members and alternates that serve on either the Fresh Pear or Processed Pear Committees serve two-year, staggered terms of office. About one-half the membership for both committees is elected each year.

The Fresh Pear Committee is comprised of 13 members, which includes: 6 grower members, 6 handler members, and 1 public member. Each member has a first and second alternate. Each district is represented by one grower member and one handler member, except for the Mid-Columbia and Wenatchee Districts, which are represented by two grower members and two handler members.

The Processed Pear Committee is comprised of 10 members, which includes: 3 grower members, 3 handler members, 3 processors, and 1 public member. Each member has a first and second alternate. District 1, the State of Washington, is represented by 2 grower members, 2 handler members and 2 processor members. District 2, the State of Oregon, is represented by 1 grower member, 1 handler member, and 1 processor member.



  • B.J. Thurlby, Manager, Processed Pear Committee, 105 S. 18th Street, #205; Yakima, Washington 98901; Phone: (509) 453-4837, Fax: (509) 453-4880. Email:; Web site:

AMS Contact: Director, Marketing Order and Agreement Division, Fruit and Vegetable Program, Agricultural Marketing Service; Phone: (202) 720-2491.

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  Last Modified Date: 12/19/2013