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Technical Services Branch
LATD - LAS Staff Directory  
Laboratory Approval Service
Laboratory Approval and Testing Division
USDA AMS Science & Technology Program
1400 Independence Ave. SW, Room 3533-S
Washington, D.C. 20250-0272

Office Telephone: 202-690-0621
Office Facsimile: 202-720-4631

Kerry R. Smith
Office Telephone: 202-690-4089

Genoa Warren
Management Analyst
Office Telephone: 202-690-0621

James V. Falk
Office Telephone: 202-720-8369

Jane Ho
Office Telephone: 202-720-0042

D. Scott Lough
Office Telephone: 202-260-8949

Isaac G. Sterling
Office Telephone: 202-720-5898

Lingsu Zhang
Office Telephone: 202-690-4025


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