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Serve on the American Egg Board  

Nominated by industry and appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture, members and alternate members of the American Egg Board serve a vital role in overseeing board operations. USDA’s policy is that board membership accurately reflects the diversity of individuals served by the programs. Diversity includes gender, race, and size and type of operation. USDA encourages eligible individuals to seek nomination to serve on the boards.

MEMBERSHIP: The American Egg Board consists of 18 members and 18 alternates.

NEXT TERM OF OFFICE: All board members and alternates serve 2-year terms. No board member shall serve more than three consecutive 2-year terms in the same position. Approximately half of the Board is appointed each year.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: A nominee to the American Egg Board must be an egg producer or representative of a producer.

NOMINATION PROCESS: Nominations to the Board are accepted from certified eligible organizations representing producer organizations. The eligibility of organizations or associations is determined by USDA and is based on provisions defined in the Egg Research and Consumer Information Act and Egg Research and Promotion Order. Certified industry organizations caucus, usually by conference call, to nominate eligible candidates. The caucuses then submit to USDA first and second choice nominees for every position to be filled. All nominees are subject to USDA background review.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If you would like additional information on the Egg Research and Promotion Program, please contact:

Kenneth Payne, Director
Research and Promotion Division
Livestock, Poultry, and Seed Program
Room 2608-S
1400 Independence Ave; SW
Washington, DC 20250
202-720-5705 (office)
202-720-1125 (fax)

  Last Modified Date: 11/25/2014