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Grading Certification and Verification
Grass Fed Marketing Claim Standards Comments  

We have received over 19,000 comments for the voluntary United States Standard for Livestock and Meat Marketing Claim, Grass (Forage) Fed Claim (Docket No. LS-05-09). In classifying the comments, we have categorized them into general areas of interest and have posted letters for each category to provide examples of the issues raised for that particular category. The majority of comments received can be categorized into the four main issues of 1) confinement, 2) access to pasture, 3) grain supplementation and 4) use of antibiotics and hormones. Many of the comments received fall under multiple categories and will be evaluated for each category discussed. We are posting the following comments to represent each of the main categories.

Confinement (approximately 3,848 comments received under this general area)


Access to pasture (approximately 19,251 comments received under this general area)


Grain Supplementation (approximately 15,388 comments received under this general area)


Use of antibiotics or hormones (approximately 546 comments received under this general area)


Other issues (e.g. dairy products, genetically modified feed, process verification, and percentage of grass)


General discussion


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  Last Modified Date: 09/29/2008