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Grading, Certification and Verification
Requesting ASL Services  
This page is designed to help those who wish to request services under the USA Accredited Seed Laboratory Program, including the USA Accredited Seed Programs, USA Accredited Seed Sampling Program, USA Accredited Field Inspection Program, and USA Accredited Seed Conditioning Program..

To request service you must submit the following:

  • Completed LS Form 313- Application for Service. Companies requesting services for the first time must complete the LS Form 313 Application for Service. This form is a standard form used by all applicants requesting service from the Livestock and Seed Program. Please fill in only the sections that apply and ensure that you sign the completed form. If you have any questions please contact one of the Livestock employees below.

  • A Request for Service Cover Letter which includes the chosen scope of the accreditation

  • A Quality Manual and Standard Operation Procedures that meet all elements as outlined in ARC Procedure 1001 Process Verified Program and the applicable Program.

Responsibilities are outlined in ARC 1000 Procedure, Quality Systems Verification Program General Policies and Procedures and ARC 1005 Procedure, USDA Process Verified Program for Seed General Requirements.

Requests for services must be sent to the Little Rock, AR office via e-mail, fax, or mail.

USDA, AMS, LPS, Quality Assessment Division
10809 Executive Center Drive, Suite 318
Little Rock, AR 72211
Phone: 501-224-9201
Fax: 501-227-4114

Livestock, Poultry, and Seed Program Employees:

Jeffrey Waite, Quality Assessment Division, Audit Services Branch, Chief, (202) 720-4411
Steve Ross, Quality Assessment Division, Audit Services Branch, Program Manager, (970) 346-0567
Ernest Allen, Seed Regulatory and Testing Division, Deputy Director/Lab Supervisor 704-810-8877
Todd Erickson, Seed Regulatory and Testing Division, Botanist, 704-810-8874

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  Last Modified Date: 02/20/2015