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Standards and Specifications
U.S. Grade Standards, Grade Manuals, and Other Resources  


Processed Fruit and Vegetable Grade Standards

U.S. Grade Standards provide the processed fruit and vegetable industry with a uniform language for describing the quality and condition of commodities in the marketplace. In partnership with industry members, AMS develops and revises these documents so that they reflect modern business practices.

When an industry group wishes to have a U.S. Grade Standard developed or revised, it may contact AMS to discuss the most appropriate means of accomplishing its goals. Any action taken on a U.S. Grade Standard should reflect the broad interest of either individuals, an industry involved in manufacturing, producing, packaging, distributing, testing, consuming or using the product, or a federal, state, or local agency.

An official request to develop or revise a U.S. Grade Standard for processed fruits or vegetables, or related products, should be in writing and sent to the Processed Products Division using the contact information provided below.


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