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PACA Disciplinary Rules of Practice  
1.130 Meaning of words.
1.131 Scope and applicability
1.132 Definitions
1.133 Institution of proceedings
1.134 Docket number
1.135 Contents of complaint or petition for review
1.136 Answer
1.137 Amendment of complaint, petition for review, or answer; joinder of related matters
1.138 Consent decision
1.139 Procedure upon failure to file an answer or admission of facts
1.140 Conferences and procedure
1.141 Procedure for hearing
1.142 Post hearing procedure
1.143 Motions and requests
1.144 Judges
1.145 Appeal to Judicial Officer
1.146 Petitions for reopening hearing; for rehearing or reargument of proceeding; or for reconsideration of the decision of the Judicial Officer
1.147 Filing; service; extensions of time; and computation of time
1.148 Depositions
1.149 Subpoenas
1.150 Fees of witnesses
1.151 Ex parte communications

  Last Modified Date: 07/14/2006