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National Organic Program
NOP Cost Share Financial Data  
The spreadsheet below contains financial information on the Agricultural Management Assistance and National Organic Certification Cost Share Programs. The publication provides a comprehensive overview of state-by-state activity, including the number of participants, from fiscal year 2008 through the present for the USDA’s two organic certification cost-share programs. The data will be updated twice annually: when new budgets are released and when annual disbursements are finalized.

The NOP determines the annual allocation of each state’s budget based on 1) the number of certified organic operations in the state and 2) spending history of the state during past fiscal years. This data has been updated to capture late reports submitted by some state participants since the March 2010 NOP report to Congress on cost share activity.

The organic certification cost share program offers reimbursement opportunities for costs of organic certification and is available to eligible certified producers and handlers. In July 2010, the NOP hired a grants management specialist dedicated to managing and improving the performance of the program. The NOP is committed to increasing oversight and outreach to encourage enrollment in the program.




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