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Grading Certification and Verification
LPS Feeding Claims Program  
Livestock Feeding Claims Audit Program

This Program sets the requirements U.S. companies must meet so that the Quality Assessment Division can verify their livestock feeding claims. The claims may be those of the individual company, or as prescribed by another party. As an alternative, the claims may be verified through a USDA Process Verified Program.

Meat and meat products derived from cattle that meet the European Union High Quality Beef and Bison feeding claim are eligible for certification by FSIS for export to the European Union and Switzerland as High Quality Beef and Bison.

The approved Programs listed on the Official Listing below have been found in conformance with the requirements of Livestock Feeding Claims Audit Program. These suppliers have been audited and approved by AMS.

The following approved USDA Livestock Feeding Claims Audit Programs have been found in conformance with the requirements of the USDA Livestock Feeding Claims Audit Program and the criteria of the approved quality management systems.

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  Last Modified Date: 02/26/2015