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USDA-AMS Livestock and Grain Market
News ‘Mobile Reports’ allows easy viewing
of market news report highlights on your
mobile device.

a condensed version of our reports can
be emailed to your mobile device. This
service is free, however standard text
messaging rates do apply. Please click
detailed directions to subscribe to this

Below each link to the mobile files below
are two items: Report Slug Number
and Report Description that are used
on the subscription site to select and
describe the report.


NW_MB255 (MbFdrPig)


SJ_MB900 (MbFIS1)


WA_MB700 (MbGrEx1)


SJ_MB100 (MbFdlt)


JC_MB151 (MbFdrCatJoplin)


We hope this service will be useful. For
other information you would like to see
added to our mobile service, please
contact us at 202-720-6231 or


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  Last Modified Date: 09/20/2013