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Disciplinary & "Responsibly Connected" Actions  
Search USDA's Office of Administrative Law Judges ' website for published PACA disciplinary decisions. The overall purpose of a disciplinary action is to enforce fair trading practices by deterring violations. We hope that these decisions will provide insight into what type of business practices lead to the filing of an administrative complaint, and what possible sanctions could be imposed for violating the PACA fair trading practices.

The decisions are the result of actions filed by the Department of Agriculture against produce firms for violations of the PACA, such as:

  • Failure to make full payment promptly;
  • Unlawful employment of a PACA violator;
  • Making false and misleading statements for fraudulent purposes;
  • Misrepresentation as to variety, grade, or origin of the commodity; and
  • Commercial Bribery.

Also listed are formal decisions and orders of persons who have challenged their "Responsibly Connected" status with a violator firm. Under PACA Regulations, the term "Responsibly Connected" means individual owner, partner in a partnership, member, manager, officer, director or holder of more than a 10 percent ownership stake in a limited liability company, or officer, director or holder of more than 10 percent of the outstanding stock of a corporation or association.

If you have questions about a decision or prohibited practice, please call the PACA Trade Practices Section at (202) 720-6873, or E-mail your comments.

  Last Modified Date: 06/14/2010