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National Organic Program
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National Organic Program
Is Organic an Option for Me?  
Are You a Farmer, Rancher, or Handler?

Is organic an option for you? Certification would allow you to sell your raw or processed agricultural products as organic. Learn how we support organic agriculture through standards, enforcement, certification, market information, funding, extension, and research. Video summarizing resources

Do You Serve Farmers, Ranchers, and Handlers?

Perhaps you have been asked about organic agriculture and weren’t sure how best to help. We’ve put together materials to explain the basics about organic certification and how to connect current and prospective organic operators with helpful resources. Video summarizing resources

Training Modules

Organic 101, fundamentals of organic agriculture (approximately 30 min.)

Organic 201, standards, certification, and enforcement (approximately 30 min.)
Access alternative accessible version: 101 | 201 (PDFs)

Resources for Farmers, Ranchers, and Handlers

Description and contacts to access USDA programs (47 pgs.)

Overview for prospective organic farms/businesses (9 pgs.)



Ready to Get Certified?





Professionally-Printed Materials

If you are interested in distributing professionally-printed brochures (8.5” x 5.5”) or posters (20” x 30”), please contact Edward Stoker to discuss details and arrange for file transfer. Please note that the National Organic Program cannot pay for printing or recommend a specific printer.

About the Organic Literacy Initiative

In 2011 a cross-departmental working group identified a need for basic training on organic agriculture throughout the USDA. Members of the public and the organic industry emphasized this need during listening sessions.

The Organic Literacy Initiative is designed to help connect current and prospective organic farmers, ranchers, and processors with appropriate USDA resources. This package of training and outreach materials explains what the organic label means and how certification works. Through this effort, USDA staff around the U.S. will be better equipped to help farmers, ranchers, and processors understand organic certification and access relevant USDA services.

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  Last Modified Date: 07/13/2015