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Grading Certification and Verification
LS ISO Guide 65 Program EU Documentation  
The EU organic regulations apply to the following products originating from agriculture, including aquaculture:

  • live or unprocessed agricultural products;
  • processed agricultural products for use as food;
  • feed;
  • vegetative propagating material and seeds for cultivation.

The regulations also apply to yeasts used as food or feed. The products of hunting and fishing of wild animals are not considered as organic production.

The EU has further defined the products into 6 categories:

1. unprocessed plant products
2. live or unprocessed livestock products
3. aquaculture products
4. processed agricultural products used for food
5. feed
6. vegetative propagating material and seeds for cultivation

Certification bodies that apply to the EU for recognition under Article 33(3) of EC No 834/2007 must certify operations to a standard that contains, at a minimum, production rules and control measures for each applicable scope and product category. The standard must be a text that is equivalent to the standards and measures within Titles III, IV, and V of EC No 834/2007, as well as with the associated implementing rules laid down in EC No 889/2008.

Certification bodies must clearly define the scope of their ISO Guide 65 Program to include applicable product categories. The EU requires a witness or review audit for each product category in order for the certification body’s application to be considered complete.

The following documents are applicable to certification bodies requesting accreditation to the EU Organic Regulations.





EU Council Docs


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