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PACA Reparation Complaint Rules of Practice  
[Please Note: On May 30, 2008, AMS published a final rule in the Federal Register, amending the Rules of Practice under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) to increase from $60 to $100 the fee for filing an informal complaint, and to increase from $300 to $500 the fee for handling a formal complaint. The new fees become effective June 30, 2008, and cover the administrative costs for AMS specialists providing alternative dispute resolution services to buyers and sellers of fruits and vegetables.]

General Provisions

47.1 Meaning of words
47.2 Definitions
47.3 Institution of proceedings
47.4 Filing; service; extensions of time; and computation of time
47.5 Scope and applicability of rules of practice.

Rules Applicable to Reparation Proceedings

47.6 Formal complaints
47.7 Report of investigation
47.8 The answer
47.9 The reply
47.10 Docketing of proceeding
47.11 Examiners
47.12 Intervention
47.13 Motions and requests
47.14 Prehearing conferences
47.15 Oral hearing before the examiner
47.16 Depositions
47.17 Subpoenas
47.18 Fees and mileage
47.19 Post-hearing procedure before the examiner
47.20 Documentary procedure
47.21 Transmittal of record
47.22 Argument before Secretary
47.23 Issuance of order
47.24 Rehearing, reargument, reconsideration of orders, and reopening of hearings
47.25 Filing; extensions of time; effective date of filing; computations of time; reopening after default; official notice.

Rules Applicable to Disciplinary Proceedings

47.46 Rule applicable to all proceedings.

Rules Applicable to the Determination as to Whether a Person Is Responsibly Connected With a Licensee Under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act
47.47 Additional definitions
47.48 Scope and applicability
47.49 Determinations.

  Last Modified Date: 06/10/2008