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Grading, Certification and Verification
Shell Egg Grading and Certification  
Benefits of Using USDA Services

The official U.S. egg quality standards and weight classes are used by trade organizations as a basis for establishing shell egg market prices.

Plant sanitation, egg washing, and cooling temperatures, and use of approved labeling are continually monitored by USDA graders.

Nest-run egg quality and weight standards are an aid in projecting the yield of a given lot of ungraded eggs. This enables prospective buyers to anticipate the final yield of the lot, whether the product is used for consumer sales or in the manufacture of egg products.

USDA certification for quality and weight may be used to help settle disputes between buyers and sellers. Certificates are accepted as legal evidence in all Federal courts.

Shell Egg Grading and Certification
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  Last Modified Date: 07/19/2006