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Grading Certification and Verification
LS Accredited Seed Programs  
In cooperation with the Grading and Verification Division of AMS, Seed Regulatory Testing Division administers four programs for the purpose of providing accreditation to field inspectors, seed conditioning facilities and seed testing laboratories. These programs, the Accredited Field Inspection Program (AFIP), the Accredited Seed Sampling Program(ASSP), the Accredited Seed Laboratory Program (ASL), and the Accredited Seed Conditioning Program (ASCP) are voluntary, user-fee services based on the Process Verified Program. The objective of these programs is to provide uniformity of procedures and methodology thereby enhancing commerce in seed both domestically and globally.

Individuals/entities who meet all requirements of their selected program(s) and successfully pass a USDA Process Verified Program Audit, will be able to represent themselves as accredited for the specific area or areas of accreditation. While the AFIP and ASSP applies to either individuals or organizations, the ASLP and the ASCP applies only to seed testing laboratories and companies.

The accredited individuals or entities listed below have successfully passed a document review and onsite audit conducted by AMS as outlined in ARC Procedures 1000 and 1001; and they have been found in conformance with all criteria of their approved quality management systems and Accredited Seed Program.

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  Last Modified Date: 06/11/2012