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Poultry Programs Employment Opportunities  
As an organization of nearly 450 employees, we are continually seeking highly qualified and motivated individuals to fill future vacancies. We employ Agricultural Commodity Graders, Agricultural Marketing Specialists, Market News Reporters and a variety of other administrative support personnel. The three types of positions that comprise the majority of Poultry Programs are Agricultural Commodity Graders, Agricultural Marketing Specialists, and Market News Reporters.


Any other inquiries about Poultry Programs employment opportunities and internships can be made to

To help you decide if you are interested, each type of position is described below:

Agricultural Commodity Grader (ACG)
ACG's are responsible for making grade (quality) determinations on poultry and shell eggs. Our graders judge the variations in the quality and condition of these products and certify them in accordance with official standards, specifications, regulations, or purchase contracts. ACG's also determine whether the processing, packaging and storage are met and assure compliance with sanitary requirements and contract provisions. ACG's are stationed in product plants nationwide.

Agricultural Marketing Specialist
Our Agricultural Marketing Specialists play a role in administering marketing services, regulatory requirements, research and promotion, and other related programs for poultry and shell eggs. They represent AMS in maintaining and developing relationships with trade, consumer, and other interested groups by furnishing technical information, obtaining policy and program recommendations, and promoting harmonious relations and cooperation with these groups. Marketing Specialists direct the development, establishment and revision of grade standards as necessary to reflect changes in production, in use, and in marketing practices in order to keep the standards accurate and useful. Marketing Specialists work in Washington, DC.

Market News Reporter
Market News Reporters collect price, supply, demand, trends, movement, and other pertinent market information affecting the trade of poultry and poultry products and eggs and egg products. They provide accurate, unbiased, and timely market reports to sellers, buyers, and other interested parties. This information is used to make informed marketing decisions and keeps egg and poultry products flowing to markets where and when it is needed. Our Market News Reporters collect and analyze data and develop written reports which are disseminated by a variety of methods. There are four Market News offices located in Des Moines, IA, Atlanta, GA, Jackson, MS, and Long Beach, CA.

Thank you for your interest in applying for a position with the Poultry Programs. Helpful information about applying for Government jobs can be found at

  Last Modified Date: 10/25/2011