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International Marketing
Livestock, Poultry and Seed International Programs  
Agriculture plays a vital role in international trade and the LPS Program is increasing its efforts to assist in expanding the market share for U.S. agricultural products. With increasing competition from other countries in overseas and domestic markets, sophisticated, targeted marketing plays an increasingly important role in making agricultural products competitive.

The LPS Program provides valuable services to enhance the international marketing of agricultural products through grading, certification, standards, market information, commodity research and promotion, market development, and trade policy deliberations. These programs often involve technical assistance, regulatory proceedings, and participation in trade negotiations.

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  ISO TAG for Agriculture Food Products Meat  
  ISO TAG for Quality Management and Quality Assurance  
  International Seed Testing  
  OECD Seed Schemes  
  United Nations Economic Commision for Europe  
  The CODEX Alimentarius Commission  
Other Services
  Poultry International Programs  
  Foreign Market Development  
  Seed Testing and Certification  
  Market Information  
  Quality System Verification Programs  
  Last Modified Date: 02/19/2013