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Farmres Markets and Local Food Marketing
Contact Information  
Errol Bragg, Director

Main Office:
Agricultural Marketing Service
Transportation and Marketing Programs
Marketing Services Division
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Room 4529-S, Stop 0269
Washington, DC 20250-0269

Phone: (202) 720-8317
Fax: (202) 690-0031


Debra Tropp, Branch Chief / (202) 720-8326


James Barham, Economist / (202) 690-4077

Gerald Berney, Agricultural Engineer

Fidel Delgado, Architect

Greg Grajewski, Industrial Engineer

Velma Lakins, Marketing Specialist / (202) 690-8103

Edward Ragland, Economist

Wendy Wasserman, Agricultural Communications Specialist

  Last Modified Date: 08/08/2012