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Commodity Purchasing
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Fair Trading Regulations
Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA)  
Working in partnership with the fruit and vegetable industry, PACA facilitates fair trade practices through education, mediation, arbitration, licensing and enforcement. Contact us at 800-495-7222

Education and Training  

Dispute Resolution  


Fair Trade Enforcement  
  • NEW * You can now dial 800-495-7222 and select option 6 to speak with a PACA Misbranding Officer.

Additional Information
  PACA Overview  
  PACA Statute  
  Sample PACA Reparation Cases by Subject Matter  
  PACA Commodities List  
  PACA Good Delivery Guidelines  
  PACA Office Directory  
  PACA Regulations  
  Complaint Rules of Practice  
  Disciplinary Rules of Practice  
  PACA Rulemaking  
  Trust Protection  
  How to Preserve Trust Rights  
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  Last Modified Date: 10/08/2014