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Trichinae Export Program - Removal from the Program  

If an analyst does not correctly analyze both the original check samples and the second set of samples, the analyst is decertified and denied entry into the program. A letter is sent to the owner or manager of the plant/laboratory explaining that the analyst must be retrained before being reinstated in the program. In general, it is of more value for the Technical Advisor to travel to the laboratory in question for the retraining since he/she can observe any activities or procedures that may be causing problems. To provide time for this retraining to take place, a temporary certificate may be issued to the analyst, not to exceed 3 months, so that the plant operations are not unduly disrupted. The analyst may also fulfill the retraining requirement by attending the new analyst classes held yearly. If the company has trained two analysts during the fee year, an additional $700.00 fee is required for the retraining of this decertified analyst.

If the company has not trained two people during the fee year, the retraining of an analyst will replace one new analyst training slot. After retraining, the analyst will receive check samples for analysis. If these samples are correctly analyzed, the analyst will receive a new certificate with a new effective date. If check samples are incorrectly analyzed, a second set of samples will be provided. If these are not analyzed correctly, the analyst will not be recertified or approved.

It is the responsibility of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Inspector-In-Charge (IIC) for exported products to determine that the tests are being done to his/her satisfaction. If the IIC has proof that the samples are not being analyzed or believes that the analystís work is not reliable enough to accept the laboratory reports, then it is the IICís duty to bring the problem to the attention of the FSIS area supervisor. The area supervisor may then write a letter to the certification Program Administrator and request that the analyst be removed from the program. The Program Administrator will immediately do so, sending letters attesting to this to the plant owner, analyst, and Deputy Administrator for International Programs, FSIS. The analyst will not be permitted back into the program.

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