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Trichinae Export Program - Maintaining Program Status  

At quarterly intervals during the year, each analyst will receive six check samples, which must be analyzed correctly. The samples are prepared and shipped by the Technical Advisor. Results are sent to the Technical Advisor for evaluation. If the samples are correctly analyzed, the analysts will receive a letter stating that he/she is retained in the program. If the samples are not correctly analyzed, the Technical Advisor will ship a second set of samples. If this second set is correctly analyzed, the analyst will receive a letter stating that the original set was not analyzed correctly, but the second set was analyzed correctly, and the analyst is retained in the program.

Each laboratory will be visited yearly by the Program Administrator and all aspects of the analysis reviewed. A written report on the observations made will be sent to the laboratory. The laboratory personnel will make any changes recommended and report those changes to the Deputy Administrator, Science and Technology, AMS, within 90 days of receipt of the report. Each responsible person described above will be notified in writing when a laboratory complies with recommended changes to comply with program requirements.

The Program Administrator will make all efforts to see that the analysis and laboratories conform exactly to the European Community specifications and requirements as outlined for the Trichinae Certification Program.

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  Last Modified Date: 07/19/2006