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Pistachio Program - Suspension or Removal from the Program  
A. Suspension

During the suspension period, the laboratory is NOT permitted to perform aflatoxin testing on pistachio nuts for the domestic and export programs.

A laboratory having three intermittent unsatisfactory analyses in 10 consecutive USDA proficiency check samples, regardless of the approval year, will result in the suspension of USDA’s approval until the laboratory has taken corrective action(s) and demonstrated its ability to correctly analyze samples.

Laboratories failing to send the required written responses to USDA or failing to implement corrective actions for non-conformance items within the agreed timeframe will be suspended from the program. The laboratory will be reinstated after the written responses have been received and accepted by USDA, or the corrective actions have been implemented by the laboratory and accepted by USDA.

B. Voluntary Removal

A laboratory may voluntarily remove itself from the program by notifying the Program Manager in writing of their wish and intent to do so. Withdrawal from the program during the year will not permit the refunding of fees or portions thereof.

C. Involuntary Removal

A laboratory may be involuntarily removed from the program for the following reasons.

1. Failure to maintain an acceptable performance level as indicated by check sample results.

2. Failure to accept and implement recommendations made by the Program Manager to improve performance and/or eliminate bias in laboratory results.

3. Falsification of aflatoxin certificates.

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  Last Modified Date: 11/22/2011