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Almond Aflatoxin Program - Readmission to the Program  

Laboratories that are involuntarily removed from the program may not apply for readmission for a period of one year after removal, and may only rejoin at the beginning of the laboratory approval year which begins on January 1 of each year. To rejoin the program, they must apply for admission and go through the entire approval process. The admittance fee must be paid in full before the laboratory is allowed to rejoin. Laboratories that are involuntarily removed from the program due to falsification of results may not re-apply for admission. Readmission to the program may not be granted to former laboratories (even under different name and/or ownership) whose approval was withdrawn because of fraud or willful disregard of program requirements.

Laboratories that remove themselves from the program voluntarily may not apply for readmission until the beginning of the following laboratory approval year. Those applying for readmission after not participating in the program for up to one year will be required to pay the maintenance fee in full and have an on-site laboratory review before being allowed to participate in the program. If a laboratory has voluntarily removed itself from the program for more than a year, it must pay the admission fee in full and follow the approval procedures as outlined in Laboratory Approval Procedures prior to re-admission.

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  Last Modified Date: 06/22/2007