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Milk Marketing Order Statistics - Description  
The statistical data generated through the administration of the Federal milk order program is recognized widely as one of the benefits of this program. These data provide comprehensive and accurate information on milk supplies, utilization, and sales, as well as class prices established under the orders and prices paid to dairy farmers (producers). The sources of this data are monthly reports of receipts and utilization, producer payroll reports, and reports of nonpool handlers filed by milk processors (handlers) subject to the provisions of the various milk orders. The local market administrator (MA) uses these reports to determine pool obligations under the order and to verify proper payments to producers. Auditors employed by the MA review handler records to assure the accuracy of reported information. Reporting errors are corrected; if necessary, pool obligations are revised.

After the pool obligations have been determined the local market administrator summarizes the individual handler reports and submits a series of order summary reports to the Market Information Branch (MIB) in Dairy Programs. The MIB summarizes the individual order data and disseminates this information via monthly, bimonthly, and annual releases or publications. Since milk marketing order statistics are based on reports filed by the population of possible reporting firms and not a sample, these statistics are comprehensive. Also, since these individual firm reports are subject to audit and verification, these statistics are accurate.

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  Last Modified Date: 06/18/2010