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Agricultural Transportation
What documentation will I need to export my product?  
Required export documentation varies depending on the commodity and destination. The Transport Documentation section of the Agricultural Export Transportation Handbook discusses export documentation in detail and offers samples of some export documents for agricultural shipments. It is recommended that you first contact a freight forwarder who is familiar with your commodity and country of destination. However, many government Web sites offer official export documentation information online. For phytosanitary certification, contact your local Animal and Plant Health Inspection (APHIS) office.

Or visit the Plant Protection and Quarantine website that links directly to their Export Certification Manual and provides other detailed information about export certification.

Certification of origin information for shipments to countries included in the North American Free Trade Agreement can be found at the Department of Commerce/International Trade Administrationís website.

For country-specific documentation requirements, the Foreign Agricultural Serviceís Web site offers Food & Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS) Country Reports. The FAIRS Country Report is a market access report which aims to consolidate general information on the technical requirements (i.e., food laws, labeling, import procedures, etc.) for food and agricultural imports imposed by a foreign country.

Other resources for documentation and certification information include local chambers of commerce, foreign agricultural posts in the country of destination, and State departments of agriculture.

  Agricultural Export Transportation Handbook (PDF)  
  Plant Protection and Quarantine  
  Department of Commerce/International Trade Administration  
  USDA FAS Global Agribusiness Information Network  
  Last Modified Date: 06/26/2006