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Seed Regulatory and Testing
Seed Regulatory and Testing Division - AMS Code Designation  
The Federal Seed Act (FSA) requires interstate shippers to put their name and address on the seed label for kinds of seed subject to the FSA. As an alternative, the FSA permits interstate shippers to put their customer’s name and address on the label, provided the label contains the interstate shipper’s code designation. The use of this code allows the interstate shipper to label the seed with their customer’s name and address for resale and still be identified as the interstate shipper as required by the FSA. The code designation is issued by the Seed Regulatory and Testing Division (SRTD) of USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service. Code designations issued after 1972 will have an AMS prefix. Code designations issued prior to 1972, when the agency name was changed from Consumer & Marketing Service to Agricultural Marketing Service, will have a C&MS prefix. Shipper codes are considered confidential in that they are available only to SRTD staff and state seed control officials.

To acquire a code designation/AMS Number, fax your company letterhead, business card, or typed contact number, and information to our office at (704) 852-4109. If you have more than one facility, indicate the facility and location in which you will be using the code designation. Sections 201(a)(9), 201(b)(B), and 201(b)(2)(C) of the FSA pertain to the code designation.


Seed Regulatory and Testing Division
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  Last Modified Date: 05/17/2014