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Beef Board Nomination Information  
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, you:

  • Must be a Beef producer or importer who is engaged in the growing or importation of beef in the United States who owns, or who shares the ownership and risk of loss of, such beef.

  • Must be nominated by a Certified Producer Organization or Certified Importer Organization and submit a completed application.

For the 2016 Board, there are vacancies for 33 producer member positions in: Arizona; Colorado; Iowa; Kansas; Louisiana; Michigan; Mid-Atlantic Unit (Maryland, West Virginia, and D.C.); Minnesota; Mississippi; Missouri; Nebraska; New Mexico; North Carolina; Northeast Unit (Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont); Oklahoma; South Dakota; Southeast Unit (Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina); Southwest Unit (California and Nevada); Tennessee; Texas; Utah; Wisconsin; Wyoming; and 3 Importer positions.

The Secretary of Agriculture selects appointees from beef producers and importers nominated by certified nominating organizations and members serve 3-year terms.

All eligible beef producers and importers are invited to seek nomination for a seat on the Board by the June 5, 2015, deadline.

Additional Information
  Beef Certified Organizations Contact Information - PDF  
  Current Board Members - PDF  
  Form LS-25 - Application for Certification of Organization or Association - PDF File  
  LS 26 - Nomination of Producers for Appointment to the Beef Board - PDF File  
  LS 26 - 1- Nomination of Importers for Appointment to the Beef Board - PDF File  
  Beef Board AD-755 Form- Advisory Committee Membership Background Information - PDF file  
  Nominee's Agreement to Serve Form - PDF file  
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  Last Modified Date: 03/26/2015