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International Marketing
Section 8e Import Compliance  
This website assists importers in complying with fruit, vegetable and nut import requirements as mandated by Section 8e of the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 (AMAA). The law requires that imports of certain products meet the same or comparable standards as products covered under Federal marketing orders in the United States.

Section 8e Resources  

Section 8e News and Notices  
Grapes Grown in Designated Area of Southeastern California and Imported Table Grapes; Relaxation of Handling Requirements. Docket Number: AMS-FV-14-0031; FV14-925-2 PR. Comments due by April 2, 2015. [Notice PDF]

Avocados Grown in South Florida and Imported Avocados; Clarification of the Avocado Grade Requirements; FV13-915-3 FR. Effective: November 17, 2014. [Notice PDF]

Avocados Grown in South Florida and Imported Avocados; Change in Maturity Requirements. Docket Number: AMS-FV-14-0051; FV14-915-1 IR. Effective: September 19, 2014. Comments due by November 17, 2014. [Notice PDF]

Pistachio Import Regulation; Docket Number: AMS-FV-09-0064; FV09-999-1. EFFECTIVE: September 12, 2012. [Notice PDF]

Modification to Potato Import Regulations and to Administrative Requirements for Onion, Potato, and Tomato Import Regulations. Docket Number: AMS-FV-08-0018; FV08-980-1 PR. EFFECTIVE: January 11, 2010. [Notice PDF] [Summary PDF]

8E IMPORT REGULATIONS: On January 19, 2009, a rule was published in the Federal Register revising the reporting requirements for imports regulated under Section 8e of the AMAA, as amended. These revisions will ensure completeness of information and streamline the inspection process. Docket Number: AMS-FV-07-0110; FV07-944/980/999-1 FR. [Information for Importers PDF] [Notice PDF] []

The changes involve:

1. Customs Entry Numbers are now mandatory on inspection certificates.
2. Raisin, date and dried prune import declaration forms are replaced with generic FV-6 forms.

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  Last Modified Date: 03/03/2015