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National Organic Program
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National Organic Program
NOSB Livestock Committee Work Plans  
  • Identify synthetic medications potentially suitable for use in organic livestock production and expedite review through TAP process
  • Finalize recommendation on access to outdoors for poultry
  • Finalize recommendation on livestock feed ingredients
  • Identify sanitation and cleansing agents including chlorine used in livestock production and handling and expedite review through TAP process
  • Develop recommendations on confined livestock living conditions (e.g. barns) with an emphasis on bovine and poultry species
  • Develop recommendations on allowed livestock physical alterations
  • Develop additional guidance on replacement dairy herd animals
  • Develop recommendation on labeling pet food products
  • Develop criteria to assess research trials pursuant to 205.290(a)(3)


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  Last Modified Date: 06/25/2007