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Latest Releases
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01/29/2014   Oregon Firm Pays $350 to Settle Seed Case
01/29/2014   North Carolina Firm Pays $350 to Settle Seed Case
01/29/2014   USDA Seeks National Peanut Board Nominees
01/27/2014   USDA Seeks Nominees for National Softwood Lumber Promotion Board
01/23/2014   USDA Names Members to National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board
01/23/2014   USDA Lifts PACA Reparation Sanctions on Texas Produce Business
01/22/2014   USDA Restricts Two PACA Violators in Texas and Illinois from Operating in the Produce Industry
01/22/2014   USDA Files Action Against Maxsun Produce Corp. in New York for PACA Violations
01/21/2014   Industry Approved Paper and Paper-Based Packaging Program Takes Effect
01/17/2014   USDA Files Action Against Big Bear Storage and Packing Inc. in Florida for PACA Violations
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  Last Modified Date: 01/29/2014