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Latest Releases
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03/06/2014   USDA Seeks Nominees for the United Soybean Board
03/06/2014   USDA Announces Final Decisions to Amend the Appalachian, Southeast and Florida Milk Marketing Orders
03/06/2014   Illinois Firm Posts $100,000 Employment Bond
03/04/2014   Texas Firm Pays $1,925 to Settle Seed Case
03/04/2014   USDA Seeks Comments to Amend Soybean Request for Referendum Procedures and Announces Dates of the Soybean Request for Referendum
03/04/2014   USDA Seeks Nominees for the Popcorn Board
02/28/2014   Oregon Firm Pays $1,050 to Settle Seed Case
02/25/2014   Florida Firm Posts $110,000 Cash Surety to Employ PACA Violator
02/24/2014   Tart Cherry Industry to Vote on Marketing Order
02/24/2014   Oregon Firm Pays $350 to Settle Seed Case
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  Last Modified Date: 03/06/2014