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Specialty Crops Inspection Division Federal Register Notices  

U.S. Standards for Condition of Food Containers This Notice published in the Federal Register September 17, 2013, revised the standards to include revisions to existing tables, removal of operation characteristic (OC) curves and updating language in the standards that enables the standards to be applicable to most types of food containers and aligns the standards to reflect current industry practices. Document Number: AMS-FV-08-0027. Final rule is effective on October 17, 2013. [Notice and Standard]

U.S. Standards for Grades of Frozen Vegetables This Notice published in the Federal Register on July 30, 2013, revised the grade standards for frozen asparagus, frozen lima beans, frozen speckled butter beans, frozen cooked squash, frozen summer squash, frozen sweet potatoes, frozen turnip greens with turnips, and frozen mixed vegetables. Effective date August 29, 2013 Document Number: AMS-FV-09-0028; FV-13-328. [Notice and Grade Standard]

U.S. Standards for Grades of Eggplant This Notice published in the Federal Register January 3, 2013, amended the similar varietal characteristic requirement to allow the comingling of different types and colors of eggplant to be certified to a grade when specified. Effective date February 4, 2013 Document Number: AMS-FV-11-0052. [Notice and Grade Standard]

U.S. Standards for Grades of Grapefruit Juice This Notice published in the Federal Register on August 27, 2012, revised the standards for Grapefruit Juice to remove the parameters for maximum “free and suspended pulp’ to account for advances in industry processing technology. Effective date September 26, 2012 Document Number: AMS-FV-11-0050. [Notice and Grade Standard]
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