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Grading, Certification and Verification
Mandatory Procedures for Domestic Honey Exported to the European Union  
A. Honey producers must pass a USDA Plant Survey
at an acceptable level.

B. Honey producers must have a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan in place and pass a USDA HACCP Plan Verification Survey.

C. Honey producers must follow record keeping requirements and, at a minimum, maintain the following records for review:

  • Dated weigh ticket for each lot/load delivered.
  • Crop year and floral variety description for each lot/drum/pail noted on each weigh ticket.

D. Honey producers must clearly identify each drum/pail of raw honey with the producers’ name, crop year, and floral variety receipt date.

E. Honey producers must retain files for three years beyond the crop year or contract year.

F. Honey producers and handlers must control and separate honey destined for the European Union from Honey being delivered elsewhere. As the Honey travels to the port of departure it must be kept separate from other Honey and tracked. See attached example of Batch Lot Control Form.

G. Honey producers must follow the sampling and testing protocol with respect to the frequency of testing and the compounds that must be monitored as defined under the National Honey Board European Union Export Program. Each sample must be tested at one of two certified labs:


H. Honey must be certified by the USDA on a Health Certificate modeled after the EU Health Certificate. See attached example of USDA Health Certificate.

For More Information

Certification of Honey Exports and related inspection services are available on a fee basis from USDA’s Specialty Crops inspection Division.



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