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Research and Promotion Programs
Qualified Programs are organizations that conduct a State or regional dairy product promotion, research or nutrition education program, authorized by Federal or State law; or has been an active and ongoing producer program before enactment of the Act; or is an importer organization that conducts a promotion, research, or nutrition education program. The Dairy Promotion and Research Order (Dairy Order) provides that dairy farmers can receive a credit up to 10 cents, against the 15-cent per hundredweight national assessment, and importer programs to receive up to 2.5 cents per hundredweight or equivalent thereof, for contributions to State, Regional or Importer Organizations that Conduct Dairy Product Promotion, Research, or Nutrition Education Programs (Qualified Programs).

Qualified Programs must apply for continued qualification on an annual basis. The objective of the application process for Qualified Program Certification is program integrity and compliance with the Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983 (Dairy Act), Dairy Order and other applicable USDA regulations.

Qualified Programs who are currently certified are recognized at: Certified Qualified Programs


Annually, the Application Package for Initial or Continued Qualification of Dairy Product Promotion, Research or Nutrition Education Program is issued to Qualified Programs. The 2014 Application Package consists of: Dairy Deputy Administrators Letter to Organizations that Conduct Dairy Promotion, Research or Nutrition Education Programs, Attachment A - Form DA-15 CG, Attachment B - Additional Instructions for Completion of the DA-15 CG, Attachment C – Survey TAMU-14, and Attachment D – Instructions for Survey. In addition to the 2014 Application Package comprising all necessary documents, Attachment A – Form DA-15-CG and Attachment C- Survey TAMU-14 are available individually to download.

Submitted information is confidential and will be incorporated with other Dairy program data for analytical purposes including inclusion within the annual Dairy Report to Congress. Programs should include annual reports, audits, financial statements, and other supporting materials as required by the 2014 Application Package and Dairy Order with their submissions. Programs may submit certification packages and supporting documents electronically at the Online Submissions for Qualified Program Certification link:

Online Submissions for Qualified Program Certification –

Attention Qualified Programs – The system is currently unavailable due to technical issues. If you need assistance please call or email John Galbraith at (202) 720-6909 or Thanks in advance for your patience!

The 2014 Application and supporting materials should be submitted to USDA, AMS, Dairy Programs by April 30, 2014 for inclusion within the Report to Congress. Programs may also submit certification packages and other materials through the mail to: USDA, AMS, Dairy Programs, Room 2958-S, Stop 0233, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-0233.

The objective of the Qualified Program certification process is program integrity and compliance with the Dairy Act, Dairy Order and other applicable regulations. The certification process methodology integrates annual submissions with reviews performed by CPA firms, State Regulators and other documentation including promotion materials to support good governance practices within promotion, research and nutritional education programs. Upon review and approval of submitted certification packages, an annual approval letter is issued to the certified Qualified Program.

For further information please contact Dairy Promotion, Research and Planning Division.


To access Online Submissions for Qualified Program Certification, Qualified Program must have a USDA eAuthentication account. USDA eAuthentication is a registration system that enables customers to securely access USDA Web applications and services via the Internet. The USDA eAuthentication system supports different levels of authentication. Online Submissions for Qualified Program Certification requires a Level 2 authentication.

To create an USDA eAuthentication Account:

eAuthentication Account Restrictions: USDA eAuthentication password rules here. Each person who uses USDA eAuthentication must use his or her own user id. No sharing is allowed. USDA reserves the right to terminate any account if this policy is violated. After 180 days with no login, your USDA eAuthentication password will expire. After 400 days with no login, your USDA eAuthentication account will be disabled. To unlock your account, contact the eAuthentication Helpdesk:

Phone: 800-457-3642


Pursuant to the Dairy Order (7 CFR 1150.101 et seq.) §1150.153, eligibility for continued qualification includes the conduct of activities intended to increase the consumption of dairy products generally, as defined by §1150.114 (promotion), §1150.115 (research), and §1150.116 (nutrition education).

§1150.114 Promotion: Promotion means actions such as paid advertising, sales promotion, and publicity to advance the image and sales of, and demand for, dairy products generally.

§1150.115 Research: Research means studies testing the effectiveness of market development and promotion efforts, studies relating to the nutritional value of milk and dairy products, and other related efforts to expand demand for dairy products.

§1150.116 Nutrition Education: Nutrition education means those activities intended to broaden the understanding of sound nutritional principles, including the role of milk and dairy products in a balanced diet.

Qualified programs activities are required to be consistent with the definitions of promotion, research, and nutrition education. Should any activities fall outside the scope of these definitions, they may not be funded by assessments collected pursuant to the Dairy Order. Additionally, activities that are specifically prohibited include use of a brand or trade name in advertising and promotion unless approved by the Board and the Secretary (§1150.153(4) and the use of program funds for the purpose of influencing government policy or action (i.e. lobbying) (§1150.153(6)).

Similarly, All Qualified Programs’ advertising, promotion, research and education materials are developed in accordance with these definitions, the Dairy Order, Dairy Act, and existing Federal regulations and guidelines. Federal regulations include, but are not limited to USDA’s Choose MyPlate, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the Nutritional Labeling and Education Act, and Federal Trade Commission’s policies and regulations.









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