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Laboratory Verification Program - Residue Groups, Tolerances, and Methods  
I. Pesticides, AOAC INTERNATIONAL Official Method 970.52, Organochlorine and Organophosphorus Pesticide Residues

1. BHC
0.30 ppm
2. Chlordane
0.30 ppm
3. Dieldrin
0.30 ppm
4. Aldrin
0.30 ppm
5. DDT and metabolites
5.00 ppm
6. Endrin
0.15 ppm
7. Heptachlor
0.20 ppm
8. Heptachlor epoxide
0.20 ppm
9. Lindane
4.00 ppm
10. Methoxychlor
3.00 ppm
11. Toxaphene
7.00 ppm
12. Hexachlorobenzene
0.50 ppm
II. Heavy Metals, EPA SW846, Methods for the Evaluation of Solid Waste

1. Mercury
0.03 ppm
2. Lead
0.50 ppm
3. Cadmium
0.05 ppm

III. Tetracyclines, AOAC INTERNATIONAL Official Method 995.09

1. Tetracycline
0.01 ppm
2. Chlortetracycline
0.01 ppm
3. Oxytetracycline
0.01 ppm

IV. Salmonella, any AOAC International official status method that specifies: All Foods; Raw, Highly contaminated foods; or Poultry; and tests for all Salmonella (both motile and non-motile)

V. Listeria monocytogenes, any AOAC International official method, or Food and Drug Administration Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM) method may be used for the detection of LM for the program.

VI. Total Plate Count (SPC), Petrifilm Plate Method from the AOAC International official methods or Compendium of Methods for the Microbiological Examination of Foods.

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  Last Modified Date: 02/08/2011