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Marketing Orders
A producer is usually any dairy farmer who sells milk to a pool handler. Producers must produce milk in compliance with Grade A inspection requirements, and their milk must be either received at a pool plant or diverted to a nonpool plant for the account of a pool handler. Producer-handlers are not producers.

A handler is a person--an individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other business unit, that is subject to the provisions of an order. A handler can be an operator of a plant that is approved by a duly constituted regulatory agency for the handling of Grade A milk. A handler also can be a milk distributor or a broker. A cooperative association that does not operate a plant can be a handler.

Pool Handler.
A pool handler is a handler that is subject in full to the provisions of the order. A pool handler can be an operator of a plant that meets the minimum performance standards included in each order, a pool plant. Such plants include distributing plants, plants primarily engaged in processing packaged fluid milk products, and supply plants, plants primarily engaged in producing manufactured dairy products. A cooperative association that does not operate a plant can be a pool handler. A milk distributor or broker cannot be a pool handler.

Receipts of Milk.
FMO statistics include volumes of milk received by handlers regulated under each of the Federal orders. Receipts of milk principally come from producers. The volume of milk that is reported as received by handlers from producers includes all such milk regardless of where it may be sold. Milk identified as that received from producers for a given market may come directly from nearby producers or from producers associated with a supply plant which, although located several hundred miles from the marketing area, is pooled on the market. Producer milk also may include milk that is diverted by a pool plant operator to another pool plant or to a nonpool plant.

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  Last Modified Date: 07/07/2006